Olevi Residents
Salads   EURO
   Vegetable salad served with olive and pesto dressing    4,90
   Salad with mozzarella and tomatoes      5,20
   Salad “Baltic coast” with smoked salmon   5,90
   Stolichnyi salad   3,00
   Caesar salad with chicken fillet       5,30
   Caesar salad with shrimps   6,10
   Snacks   EURO

   Norwegian herring salted according to old recipe with boiled potatoes,
   sour cream and spring onions   

   Red caviar       8,10
   Cheese plate    8,10
   Lord plate with a shot of vodka   4,90
   Hot snacks   EURO
   Homelike pelmens      3,90
   Homelike pelmenswith mutton   7,50
   Pancakes with red caviar   8,90
   Escargot filled with garlic sauce   9,60
   Soups   EURO
   Russian meat soup      3,50
   Fish soup with salmon      4,90
   Italian puree soup           4,00
   Pastas   EURO
   Cream-mushroom pasta with leek   5,80
   Seafood pasta with garlic sauce   8,80
   Chicken pasta with cream sauce   6,20
   Beef pasta with tomato sauce   7,30
   Vegetable pasta   5,80
   Vegetarian dishes   EURO
   Vegetable risotto with mushrooms and dill sauce      5,30
   Garlic potatoes with grilled vegetables   4,20
   Beans with vegetables and tomato-garlic sauce   4,80
   Main dishes   EURO

   Wild boar baked in dough with vegetables and served
   with cranberry sauce, potato pancakes with diced tomatoes

   Venison chop served with warm mushroom and potato salad        13,60
   Pepper beef fillet with tomato-dill sauce   13,90
   Estonian bone chops with cream-mushroom sauce   8,60
   Pork and bacon Noisettes served with sweet and sour cabbage   7,80
   Chicken fillet with cranberry sauce   8,80
   Rack of lamb with port-wine sauce     17,90
   Halibut fillet with shrimp sauce   12,30
   Stewed salmon fillet served with grapefruit-orange sauce   9,90
   Children`s menu   EURO
   Sausages with free potatoes   3,90
   Chicken barbecue   5,30
   Desserts   EURO
   Tiramisu   6,90
   Crème brûlée with rum sauce   6,50
   Ice-cream with strawberry-apple sauce    5,50
   Pancakes with ice-cream and strawberry jam      5,90
   Fruit salad in season   5,30
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